BRAND: Rick and Morty

ROLE: Art Director l Copywriter l Designer

Rick and Morty has a strong loyal fan base who watch the show religiously and have camped out in line for exclusive merchandise. 


Viewers love the music on the show which have generated millions of streams and popularized many songs online.

Everything in this show is designed to have an emotional response.

And what better way to tap into emotion than with music?



Rick and Morty enthusiasts are comfortable utilizing Shazam, an app that allows users to discover what songs are playing by cross-referencing a recording with a large music database.


We can capitalize on the audiences' shared interests on a platform they are already very familiar with, and are currently actively using while watching the show. 

Rick and Morty enthusiasts will be able to Shazam any Rick and Morty song to unlock exclusive merchandise.


Social media activation will include a series of post showing Rick and Morty using Shazam 
and unlocking 
exclusive merchandise in their universe.