BRAND: SkateCycle

ROLE: Art Director l Copywriter l Designer


   The world of skateboarding is a multi-billion dollar industry, with about 2 million decks tossed in landfills each year. These boards are broken or worn out, but many are discarded from factories who constantly produce new decks to keep up with demand. Defected items in the manufacturing phase can’t be sold and are then thrown away.

And wasting wood leads to extinctions, lost livelihoods and climate change…and we don’t want that…


Our mission is to create sustainable wood products that inspire people to skate, recycle, and connect. Together we enhance social consciousness and create meaningful impact by creating awareness, and exposing the threats of deforestation through the act of recycling wood with the help of the skateboard community.

Custom wood recycling drop-boxes will be placed throughout local skate parks and skate shops.

Social media activation creating awareness on recycling decks, and updates on where to locate your nearest @skate_cycle ramp.




OOH ads throughout the city with the custom map on where to find your nearest Skate Cycle ramp. Ad will lead users to Instagram for more info.

Skateboard decks dropped off will be collected, recycled, and reused to create skate decks, phone cases, ramps, and more.


So let’s skate, recycle wood, and save our planet!