wutang logo.png

Wu-Tang logo was created by Ronald Bean, AKA DJ Mathematics. DJ Mathematics is a DJ, producer and artist know for his graffiti and cover art for famous Wu-Tang albums. RZA reached out to him because he needed a logo done for his brand. The original logo was suppose to have an arm coming out the W holding a beheaded head  by the dreads. It was to raw so they stuck to the W by itself.


I placed the Wu-Tang iconic “W” on an old beat up turntable. Wu-Tang is a group from the 90s and turntables played a vital role in their success. It appears as beat up concrete because of how raw their music is and the streets they came from. Included is a honeycomb and real bees because of the personality in the hip hop group. They refer to them selves as the Killa bees. And they are here to swarm you!


The base was handcrafted by myself out of HDU foam (High density urethane). The bees were not harmed, found dead, coated in a resin and painted over. Different coats of painting, and sanding when into this with the tone arm coming from an actual turntable and cut to fit.


Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin to f*ck with!

wutang logo.png